Usd 305 Negotiated Agreement

Salina Unified School District 305 and the National Education Association-Salina have reached an agreement on teacher employment for the 2020-2021 school year. According to the district, the two parties agreed on an average pay increase of 3.2 per cent after a successful conciliation meeting. The teams had already agreed on other changes to the contract, such as: the Salina School District and Salina teachers tentatively agreed on new terms of employment. Changes to the pool of diseases and disabilities. The next step is for 305 teachers to vote to ratify the 2019-2020 teacher contract. The $305 Education Committee commends the hard work and commitment of both the district negotiating team and the NEA-Salina negotiating team. USD 305 said that the points are agreed in the employment contract: – An increase in the time of high school to 245 minutes per week. The addition of five days of paid parental leave for workers at the birth or adoption of a child. The removal of the planning time exemption for primary school teachers. Changes to the salary plan and an increase in the base, resulting in a new base salary of $40,385. The transition from two days of elementary staff development to regular days of contact with students.

An increase of $5 per month in the employer`s health benefit. Amendments to allow for the replacement of teachers who file complaints in accordance with board policy. Step and movement on the modified salary plan for all teachers.