Ssa Data Sharing Agreement

SSA data exchange agreements enhance multinational space cooperation and streamline the process for USSTRATCOM partners to request specific information collected by Air Force Command`s 18th Space Control Squadron at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Data is essential for launch assistance, satellite maneuver planning, support for in-orbit anomalies, coverage and study of electromagnetic disturbances, satellite dismantling, and evaluation of in-orbit conjunctions. This website provides information to federal, regional and local authorities who wish to exchange data with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Such exchanges are based on business requirements related to specific health and revenue maintenance programs managed by those agencies and SSA`s competent legal authority to make such disclosures. The information on these pages does not apply to non-governmental or private entities, companies, and companies that are seeking data from SSA. The SSA agreement allows Peru to request extended services that are only available to contract holders. The Memorandum of Understanding on Data Exchange will allow Peru to access quality satellite positioning data. Peru operates the PerúSat-1 Earth observation satellite and plans to use a tracking satellite. The agreement links the Peruvian Space Agency to experts from the 18th Squadron Space Control at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, who track space objects for the United States. Subject: an agreement that documents the data flow and describes the conditions, conditions and guarantees for transferring SSA data to another state authority(ies). Initiator: Varies, but is written to support the security mandates set by the Information Security Office. Dependencies: Public authorities are not able to receive SSA data directly and must have an approved and signed CMA extension/deadline process: Usually last 5 years.

As part of the SSA`s mission to streamline data exchange activities for public authorities, the Data Exchange Coordinators (DSDs) should be contacted when launching new requests for state data exchange (DX) as well as applicable questions regarding existing DX agreements. The SDCs listed below can be contacted by e-mail or telephone….